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12 holiday gift ideas for people trying to lose weight and get healthy

Figuring out what gifts to give loved ones for holidays can be challenging, but it can be especially challenging when one or more of those loved ones are on a weight loss journey. Whether you are looking for a high or low budget gift, there are more options for a healthy lifestyle than the ever-popular Fitbit. The best gift you can give someone striving toward a more healthy life is your support. These gifts would just be an added holiday bonus! Happy shopping!

Hand or wrist weights – A pair of weights are usually under $20 and can be found at any super store, sporting goods stores, and online. Weights can be used for at-home strength exercises or for an added challenge on walks.

  1. A nice hardcover journal – Weight loss journeys can be emotional rollercoasters. Writing in a journal is a great method of documenting successes and working through rough patches. Journals can also be used to keep track of food intake, exercise, and weight numbers.
  2. NutriBullet blender – Blenders like the NutriBullet allow you to make a healthy smoothie in the blender cup and take the cup with you. This is a great option for a nutritious and satisfying breakfast for someone who is in a rush in the morning. The cost is around $75.
  3. Herbal tea – Variety packs of herbal tea cost $15 and under. Herbal tea is a low calorie way for your loved one to warm up in the winter months.
  4. Inspirational quote calendar – A daily dose of encouragement for the next year can help your loved one stick with healthy habits.
  5. New sneakers – A new pair of sneakers is always so fun to show off. It’s a challenge to see how fast they can get worn out!
  6. Sessions of yoga, pilates or another workout class for you to do together – Show your support by trying a new activity with your loved one. You both may find a new favorite way to exercise!
  7. A massage – A session with a massage therapist is a great reward for hard work. Depending on the amount of time, sessions range from about $40-$150.
  8. Water infuser – Give your loved one a tasty, calorie free way to stay hydrated. It’s fun to try new flavors and combinations! Cost is under $25.
  9. A standing desk – Desks that can be adjusted to a standing position are a great option for someone who wants to add some activity to their work day. It is best to alternate sitting and standing throughout the day.
  10. Sports store gift card – Let them choose activewear, a new gym bag, or equipment that they are comfortable with and they know they will use. Shopping with your loved one will help show your support.
  11. Encouragement – Positive words are free and should be given all year-round!

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